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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Mobile Pipe Inspection, Cleaning,Hydro Excavation and 2014 Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 Trained Traffic Control Personnel.


Why we stand above the rest!

As a company, it is our goal to to be the best at what we do! Reliability and honesty in customer service, along with highly trained technicians with a focus on safety, set us above the others in our industry. In addition, our fleet and equipment are constantly being updated in order to serve our clients with the most efficient and productive technology available. A high level of ingenuity and versatility allows us to find cost effective solutions to practically any situation. Let us show you why we are the best choice in the Sudbury region.





Hydro Excavation

Line Flushing

 Pipe Inspection


Safety is our # 1 priority!

Industry demands it and employees count on it. Safety is always a top priority. That is why we have started the process of becoming COR* certified (certificate of recognition) through the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (I.H.S.A.) This program assures that our Health and Safety Program is being Followed, Documented and Managed through the use of Internal and External Audits. Our highly trained employees (Safe Operation of the trucks done by the truck manufacturer, Electrical Safety training for Hydro Vac Operators done by I.H.S.A. and Electrical Safety and Awareness) carefully assess and manage the risks associated with potentially hazardous conditions and infrastructure damage every day. We possess the most up to date equipment and training to safely and efficiently meet the requirements specific to your industry. Whether it be mining, hydro, gas, telecommunications, or construction, Double T Pipe Inspection puts safety first !