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Line Flushing

Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance, as it pertains  to choosing equipment, is similar to building a house:i.e., NOT EVERY JOB CAN BE DONE WITH ONE TOOL- a carpenter(and flusher operator) need different tools for different jobs. We have developed our own demonstration tube that allows us to show (you the customer)what the different types of tools(nozzles) are doing inside the line and how each specific one works.

Flow versus Pressure: It is fairly safe to say that GPM (gallons per minute) becomes more critical to the jetting and cleaning process as the diameter of a particular pipe increases, that is why out trucks and nozzles are able to produce up to 80GPM and up to 2500 PSI inside your line, to move the material. It is also accurate to say that PSI(pounds per square inch) is more critical in smaller diameter pipes and becomes less critical as the diameter of a particular pipe increases. In other words, flows and pressures are inversely relative to each other; as pipe diameter increases, pressure becomes less important as flow becomes more important and vice versa.